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Pineapple death salsa...

I'm cooking a cauldron of chunky pineapple death salsa for the Blessing of the Beasts Eostara potluck at church tomorrow afternoon.

Two of the active ingredients--besides a couple of whole pineapples--are chipotle peppers, which are a deep cherry red, and habanero peppers, which are a deceptively cheerful orange color. Like safety jacket orange. A warning orange.

The salsa is usually a murky yellow color, but there's this peach-colored foam on the top.

Don't under any circumstances see what the foam tastes like. I can't feel my tongue now.

Ouch! *boiling salsa bubbles up, spattering on hyena's paw.*

*reflexively, licks back of hand.*

*Realizes he's committed a major error.*
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