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Photos from the last few--

It's been a while since I've done a photo entry, so...what the hell.

12/3/06: Christmas Dolls I

Going way back to Christmas--Whines and I had a long hike along the nascent trail of lights in Zilker Park. I tried to take some pictures of the yule log burning in the park's bonfire, but it's hard to take flash photography of fire!

12/17/06: Tree

Keeping Austin Weird--a tree outside La Zona Rosa


Folf's birthday cake. Make a wish!

12/10/06 Bug on Gray11/26/06: Guilt Free Hopping11/23/06: Thanksgiving Dinner

A visitor in Whines's car, Guilt Free Hopping, and Thanksgiving Dinner with my family and some visiting pagans

1/9/07: Lawn Cross1/17/07: Cold Sofa2/16/07: Lab Oratory Animals

Tacky lawn art from my neighborhood, frozen road sofa, Lab Oratory animals

One of the annual treats of my year is my mom and my annual visit to the World Trade Center in Dallas. This year, they were celebrating their 50th anniversary, and having a gala in the huge courtyard inside Market Center. Lots of lights, very pretty.

1/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 11/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 31/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 21/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 4

1/16/07: Red Ice II

More from the freeze--I got bored and started dying the icicles outside our house. Before long, everything within a good 10 feet had a faint red glow to it.

1/16/2007: Butterfly frolicking in the snow I1/16/07: Butterfly and Folf

Butterfly, Whines and Folf in the "snow"

3/10/07: False advertisement.

False advertising at the San Antonio zoo

3/4/06: Creek in Austin

Nick and I went on a nice walk in early March, to take some photos of the collapsed Intel Building and do some shopping on south Lamar. The above is from under a bridge on 5th street. The below, a few of the better Intel building shots.
3/4/07: Intel Building 23/4/07: Intel Building 33/4/07: Intel Building 7


Mar. 26th, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
So why'd the Intel building collapse?
Mar. 26th, 2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
Austin gave Intel lots of tax breaks to build their plant reaally close to downtown Austin--in the warehouse district within walking distance of "main street", but when the tech boom went fizzle, they pulled out like a guy hearing her husband come in. The building was half-finished, an abandoned hulk only good for a home for the bats, and it's been that way for something like four years now, maybe longer, I don't really know. They finally got around to demolishing it.

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