Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
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Saw TMNT last night. Charming film. I'm having preview-lust for all the neat movies that are coming out of the Great Movie Womb in the next few months. 28 Weeks Later, Harry Potter--the preview shows a half-second crane shot of Delores Umbrage, and she looks perfect perfect hateful--Shreck III, Transformers--Whee, movie overload!

The movie was a lot of fun. Either a strong kid's film or an acceptable retro-flashback targeted at adults, either way. Animation was pretty good for the turtles--it's probably a good thing they're reptiles, because the camera spent a lot of time lingering on crotches. Don't really know why.

April was a little too competent for my taste, she was always supporting cast to my mind, not a sword-swinging action hero. It's good to beef up the ONLY female role in the movie (well, besides Donatello--what, you didn't know?) but almost creating a new character for her, that was overdoing it a bit.

I've got my fingers crossed for Rock Steady and Bee-Bop in the next film, but it seems unlikely, somehow. We'll see what happens.

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