Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Replacement Cheese:

A game for 3-6 players. Each player is the assistant manager of a Taco-Time! restaurant, the other 2-5 assistant managers are his staff. Theoretically.

All I have is the name and setting, though. Game play would involve stealing crucial ingredients and supplies from one another to take care of your own line, and sabotaging the requests of your "superiors" while obeying their basic demands. All of game play takes place during a lunch rush, so there's a finite window to "win" (which, I'm thinking, is getting your co-workers demoted to line-mooks, or fired, or filling the most customer orders correctly. "Spitting in the Burrito" is a high-risk maneuver with high reward, since you could easily get caught, but it really makes the assistant manager look bad.

(spotty rolls over, goes back to sleep)
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