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Cooking for church this morning...

I was trying to find one of my favorite bread recipes for a church potluck for Easter. It's buried in one of my Kitchen Wicca books (there are several). Thumbing through the *wrong* one, I found a recipe for springtime veal stew.

*blink* Excuse me? I mean, murder's murder, it's hard to say that my week-long orgie of hamburgers is ethically any better or worse than veal or pate de foi gras, but veal's one of those meats that makes a heck of a lot of staunch carnivores put down their barbeque sauce and say "Oh, hold on there." Given the huge overlap between pagans and vegetarians (well, smaller than the overlap between gamers and pagans, but bigger than the overlap between gamers and vegetarians), and a faith that has the primary rule of "harm none", I'm really shocked to find a veal recipe there.

Aaaanyway, wrong cookbook. I found my bread recipe, and licking the spoons, scraper, bowl, and a small section of counter has been very rewarding. It's baaaasically banana bread, but the recipe also calls for macadamia nuts, coconut and pineapple, and I think some extra vanilla. The final result is a wonderfully tropical scent-bomb that you can smell outside the house it's cooking in. So good. I'm a little sad I can't make it at church, because it's better than home-made yeast bread so far as fumigating a building goes.


And the recipe yielded one more loaf than I was expecting, so I'll have some for Easter dinner tonight :) Yay!


Apr. 8th, 2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
Food and family, the way an agnostic celebrates everything :) And happy Easter to you too :)

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