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Just a few random notes--baktre finished building me a computer, for the low price of something like $560. Yay! I already have projects stacked five deep :) More as things develop--I've got to get one of them at least kicked off before January, or it just won't be half as funny. Good luck, with all the free time Christmas yields me...heh. That would be "none."

Manga-Anime-Furry artist kt_kat did a very cute picture of the long ride to Houston and back.
Clockwise from the upper left, I'm guessing, is Tobias, never take a hyperactive 18-year-old future cheapskate on an hours-long road trip. KT herself uppper middle, Whines/Baktre UR, sdocat driving, and me glowering in the lower left. Overall an accurate depiction of the level of hyperactive-teen-induced stress in the car, except Whines should have been asleep...somehow.

Added smiking to my interest lists. Join the crowd.

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