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Need help/opinions.

My mother is working to open a small business, and she's working with names for said business. There's a number of names on the table, and without giving away too many details (I'll probably ask a follow-up question with more details), one of the names that's come up is "Black Sheep Books."

Assuming you found this name browsing a web list of coffee shops or bookshops, or in the yellow pages under those listings, what associations does this name bring to mind? If you learned that this business was near your neighborhood, what would you expect to find going there?

A lot of my friends have a highly-developed sense of irony or are of great wit, and at this particular moment I need to be serious here, because I actually am interested in this (particularly as it impacts my mother's future and therefore my sanity).

Please help me out with just a few words on this name--I know I'm not providing any real info, it's intentional. Even if it's "that name has no associations for me, and doesn't give me any idea of what I'd expect there." That's helpful, too.

If you know me personally and know the extended details, try and put that away and pretend I hadn't been talking about this earlier.

Thank you SO much for any opinions you can give--this actually is important to me.


May. 11th, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
Not knowing if it's a publisher or a store, it's really vague.

First, I'd assume it's a store (because having a publisher in the neighborhood is only handy for a small number of people). I'd assume it specialized in one of several things:
1) Journals bound with sheep leather
2) Books that have been banned in the past (everything from Harry Potter to Huck Finn)
3) Books that may not have been banned, but aren't popular inventory for traditional bookstores for various reasons.

Honestly, though, I would also theorize that it could be a publisher for potentially controversial material. A safe haven for Solomon Rushdie, if you will.

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