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Oog...poor knees...

Our former roomie Path gradumated Saturday. That was neat--it's been a long time coming (actually, my old friend Maus also gradumated Friday, so it's been a good weekend for people on the 6+ year degree plan!)

After the ceremony, we had Puffy Tacos. I think I'm underwhelmed by the Puffy Taco experience. Great queso, though.

And then, Twister.

Yeesh. It's been a few years. Like, 20. Did pretty good, but my fingers, knees and calves are all sore now :( *whine, whine*

Mom's day went off well, except brain-dead hyena forgot Mom's present. A hewge meal of chicken fajitas, some great white-chocolate-coconut strawberries from HEB, and other things. Gaming afterward.

Wonderfully full weekend during which I accomplished nothing (except doing passably well at Twister, for a graymuzzle). Yay! But had a great time, and a lot of other people accomplished some great things :)
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