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Last night's game:

I disagree with baktre's assessment of last night's game. It went more like:

Party: Rejoice, town council, for we have vanquished the evil temple that held you in durance vile.

Town Council: *polite applause*

Party: The hobgoblins were very nice, and helped us out a lot.

Town Council: *polite applause*

Party: So we gave them the temple and the town around it, and left them a lot of gold, too.

Town Council: We'll be sending a fruit basket and some tax assessors.

Party: Oh. Um...they were very nice hobgoblins. They helped us with the Ignoble Clergy.

Noble Clergy: Thank you for destroying Ignoble Clergy. We didn't like them.

Party: Glad to help. Um, about Brother Meynard...

Noble Clergy: Yes about him.

Party: Yeah, he didn't make it.

Noble Clergy: We noticed he didn't punch his timecard.

Party: He kind of attacked us, and kind of brainwashed our friend, and kind of joined Ignoble Clergy.

Noble Clergy: Oh, dear.

Party: He didn't list "evil" as an interest or special skill on his resume', did he?

Noble Clergy: Not as such, he actually did most of our interviews.

Party: ...oh. We'll be going?

Noble Clergy: *steepling fingers* Cheers, then.


May. 14th, 2007 05:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm definately going to do that. The one big thing I picked up from this is that I don't want to quit after having started!

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