Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Wow, that was odd...

Friday morning, still playing on my new computer, still wearing my bathrobe and not really planning to be functional until noon, the_october knocks on my door to tell me that his friend happysheep is recording for her new Austin Access TV show (Triple-Flip Television), and that he had written a promo spot for "The Institute of Basic Motor Skills." Did I want to act like a moron for the camera?

Well, how could I say no. We boogied down to the film studio, picked up the equipment, had lunch at--I kid you not--"Fish 'R' Us," and believe it or not, we had fish--and went back to happysheep's house to flim. The overall effect was sort of an "Upper Class Twit of the Year" sort of thing. Badger, Happysheep and Mr. Happysheep, October, Whines/baktre were the accomplices. "How many times has this happened to you?" (Spotty pulls drawer out, dumping contents onto cat.) "Or This?" (Mr. Happysheep cleaves his fingertips off while chopping hot dogs.) "Do you have trouble with the most basic of coordinated actions?..." You get the idea. Other shots they were working on--attempting to work out which end of the hammer hammers, something scary involving a saw, Badger and I struggling to open an umbrella, and finally, the proud graduate recieving his diploma and a piece of chewing gum, popping the gum into his mouth and jauntily walking down the road.

My favorite shot, because it looks so bizaare on the camera--I'm not sure about the context for this one, but October and Happysheep mixed water and coca cola into a red plastic gas canister for a good amber color, asked me to look insane--I floofed my hair up to its full 21" diameter, Happysheep furnished me with a "hello kitty" shower cap and a weird terrycloth demitop and shoved me into the shower where I creeped out, staring in awe and wonderment over the toilet rim as Whines carefully emptied gasoline into the toilet. We don't know why any of this happened, but it's a very cute shot :)

After that, things pretty much went downhill, as I had dinner with "The Family," and was the lone (check all that apply: liberal, agnostic, democrat, half-assed pagan) amidst a table of (check all that apply: conservatives, republicans, catholics, baptists) discussing politics and religion. Food was good, though.

Best presents from Christmas: My sister loved her new digital camera, glad I could afford it. I loved "Body Boggle," a combination of Twister and Boggle, and got some beautiful books. Aaand, despite all the weirdness in our lives, it was time with my family proper.

Got a great shot of Badger setting the table for our Christmas dinner.
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