Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Chicken sorrow :(

Last night I made brocolli-mushroom omelettes with cheddar and asaigo cheese for dinner, and for the carnivores, I made tasty little chicken breasts--they were marinated in rice vinigar, various spices (sort of an italian blend), and grilled--maybe a little overcooked, but lots of good, smokey flavor. Then I melted mozzerella over them and topped them with avocado and turkey bacon.

Quite tastey! I made five of them, one for me, one for Whines, and then I was going to have the remaining ones for lunch today, but I left them in the oven instead of putting them in the fridge :( Doh! And pretend-hyenas can't handle food poisoning like the real kind can :(

Very sad. On the other hand, HEB is, in their on-again-off-again way, carrying Tyson's Mesquite chicken patties, which I tend to subsist on when I don't have leftovers.
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