Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Good weekend in the balance--

I feel like I didn't accomplish much, but it was a great weekend for socializing.

Fizzit and Itza came by Friday night to take Whines and myself out to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. The food was quite good, but the effort involved in it was so ultra-minimal, it left me feeling very full, but also excited to try to make some of that myself. Shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks for the meal, y'all, it was a very nice experience :)

Saturday, had some errands to do downtown, then...furries, for about a day and a half. Our housemate Folf and an out-of-towner named Rwanda--Rwanda's a smallish white lion. Path, we could take him out if you came up to Austin next time, I'm sure of it! Anyway, they organized a quick-little get-together at the Alamo down south to watch A) Pirates of the Carribean, B) Oceans 13, or C) Fantastic Four, pick one. We opted for (C), but only because A and B were sold out. Fantastic Four was a surprisingly watchable film, the first being so very wretched.

Then, Thoink, Folf, Cebu, Rwanda all played DDR and scared me very much. Weird little hyper creatures.

Couple of new people that I hadn't heard of yet--one of them--young and new to the fandom--told me he was probably the strangest person I had ever met. I probably should have given him the chance to say exactly why, but I've lived in Austin for 30 years... It's been a while since I was 17, though, I should really remember that mindset before dealing with a teenager again.

Sunday, made breakfast (Gingerbread pancakes, scrambled egggs and turkey bacon/sausage, tasty enough), and did a little light shopping. Then, went off to see Daywatch with Flippant Monicker, which was a good film. Got some great bargains at Tapelenders on used movies and one or two things I wouldn't want to tell Mom about, and then went home and watched our "new" copy of Yellow Submarine until bedtime.

Overall, a very nice weekend. I wish I'd had time to get stuff done--I got to visit some of thrift stores I hadn't seen in a while, took some photos, did a little shopping. But I haven't posted to thrifthorror in almost three weeks, and have a lot of church work that I've been putting off. *sigh* So much to do, so little time :) And I'm not seeing a free evening until next Sunday...whew, busy busy!

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