Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

The Color out of Happytown--

I'm thinking this would be a charming game--either a complex board game (one with characters and a rule book that intimidates 15-year-olds) or maybe a silly beer-and-pretzels RPG.

The plot: This is Happytown. It's a cheerful place, where Bob the Ice Cream Man sells Jumbo Strawberry-Fudgaroos to the kids at Happytown Elementary, the benevolent CEO of Chipper Industries gives everyone two-week vacations in the summer, and every corner has a malt shop.

You play a villian. Obviously, you HATE Happytown (because you're mean). Your goal is to steal all the color from Happytown. You'll have to build a machine to do this, get an army of henchmen to do this, and avoid being thwarted by your villianous colleagues, Those Rotten Kids, and the Rainbow Rescue Force (a team of monomanaiacally color-focused, cheerful heroes).
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