Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekends, so long...

Whoof. Went down to Dallas to shop with Mom for products for her new business (the one that is thankfully NOT going to be named Black Sheep!) The highlight of my weekend was discovering "Cream of Balsamic", a highly-condensed form of balsamic vinegar that I shall pour over vanilla ice cream in lieu of a relationship if something tragic were to happen to Whines and Tex. The highlight of Mom's weekend was finding a huge array of very nice wooden and pewter wall crosses for between $10 and $15 each, and a Christmas ornament that said "Go's your birthday...Go Jesus..."

Lots of driving, a little bit of helping Butterfly pack (she's probably moving this Saturday--if anyone could spare a little time helping us load and unload the van, that'd be appreciated!), and lots of hoping that my legs would work properly...we hiked around the market for two days in a row, 7 hours straight. The food was good, though! Lots of free chicken enchiladas and quesadillas :)

Now, very tired. Rough night sleeping, my allergies have been really bad over the last week, to the point where my sinuses are sore. Blrg.

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