Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Oh, my dear sweet jesus...

The scavenger gods have smiled upon me this time.

On the street, on Large Waste Disposal Day, we found...


A "U"-shaped bowling alley diner booth sofa.

One panel is sparkly blue. The top and back support are sparkling red, with two black stripes on the largest of the back panels. The seat cushion is sparkly gold.

It tacky. I am in a state of trancendent kitsch.

The principal problem is, it's 3 inches too wide to fit into any of our current doors. Briefly it looked like it would come through the kitchen window. I think Badger's going to have to take apart the sliding glass door to get this to work... is so good :)

Spotty Logic, King of Mood Swings
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