Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Very full!

It's been a full day of shopping and cooking :) We went to a lot of the South Austin thrift stores today. I picked up an electric fondue pot, some serving plates, and a couple other odds and ends, and then we came home for dinner with Flippant, KT Kat and Sdocat (and of course Nightfolf, but he lives here now). Dinner was a cheddar-beer fondue, with chunks of sourdough, artisan bread, and little tiny meatballs (along with some other stuff), and barbaque'd chicken with my father's very basic lemon/butter/ketchup sauce--I actually cooked them perfectly, not too overdone, but no pink--the secret was to use a meat thermometer :)

Very stuffed, and Whines is cleaning up the kitchen now :)
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