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One of the key points my fondue cookbooks (this being my obsession for this quarter) make is that fondue is fairly easy to prepare--it's mostly slicing vegetables and meats. This is entirely true (unless you're preparing funky little dipping corndogs or asparagus toast to go with a cheese melty thing). However, making four different sauces is all kinds of tedious.

Mom's coming over for dinner tonight. The plan for dinner is a boiling-pot fondue (not a cheese thing, basically boiling soup that you actually cook things in) based on Tom Kha Gai (Thai coconut soup). I've got some good sirloin, some mediocre chicken, assorted veggies, and most of the necessary ingredients.

I'm not so thrilled about the sauces, though. I spent like two hours last night making them. The first is a peanut sauce, it's awfully sweet though. The second is sort of a horseradish chutney sort of thing, with a strong apple flavor--more British than asian. The third, well, I made Green Goddess sauce following the "Melting Pot" recipe, that should be fine, it's not Asian but it's good. The fourth, I haven't finished yet, it wants to have whipped egg whites added in just before serving, but it's a very strong ginger-soy sauce.

I also found a bottle of balsamic vinegar syrup. It's not actually Asian at all, but I think it'll complement the flavor, though I may just drink it instead.

I've got little fondue plates--the're round plates with a central dish and four little sections on top. They're abstractly kind of like a hyena paw print--hyenas have round feet with the toe pads very close together. That may be a stretch, but what the hey :)

Anyway...I still need to pick up some tuna tonight, and maybe a few ingredients for a wasabi cream sauce or something if I can whip it up in a hurry...

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