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Food success :)

One pound sirloin, chicken, tuna, mushrooms, shrimp, broccoli, baby carrots, one pot simmering Thai soup--very few leftovers, but no shortages :) I don't think that could have gone better. The only leftovers were a handful of mushrooms, and some of the sauces - but I'd expected to have leftover sauce for next time.

One odd thing--since we left the broth boiling for two hours, it just kept getting stronger and stronger! I poured in an extra two cups of chicken broth toward the end, since it was getting hard to cook things in it. At the end, it smelled and tasted like liquid dog food. Blerk.

I love my "new" fondue pot! It's got a clever design--the base contains the electrical components, and the pot lifts off entirely, with an almost airtight fit. Got it for $10 at the flea market--but the electric fondue pots I've seen new aren't nearly as cool. The electrical components are a part of the pot, so you have to wash them very carefully.

Anyway, that was an unqualified success--yay! The only thing I'd do differently is not add tuna to the mix. The high-grade tuna was expensive, and it fell apart in the broth. Very good for you, but it didn't add much to the experience.

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