Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

My current celebrity crush:

I am in love with Dolores Umbridge. Her portrayal in the new Harry Potter movie was flawed, in that she's not the squat and unpleasant beastie from the book. Instead, she's a despotic grandmother, the incarnation of puritanical order. She was certainly older in my head.

I watched her in awe. I love her shoes. I love the fuzzy shawls she wrapsaround her, as if the secret weapon against the dark was cheerful pink. I love her giggle, and her happy kitten pin.

I don't know, something about prim and proper Victorian melded with despotic autocratic bureaucrat really works for me.

I wonder if she was a Hufflepuff?

*guilt* I feel a little dirty-old-man pervy, but most of the characters were just extremely attractive in this film. There was one scene where Hermoine was well-dressed with her hair pulled back, very pretty, and there were a couple of scnees where Harry was just flat out hot in this film. I think his actor's been working out a bit.
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