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Yeesh, diet time again.

Well, after seriously slacking off for a few months, my weight's gone up to something like 187. That's not huge, but it's high for me. So, back to South Beach. *sigh*

The sad thing is, I really never got to splurge--though I had a lot of bleu cheese burgers over the last few months. And there was the recent white chocolate wasabi fondue. Oh...and the cakes, but I made them, that doesn't count. And the ice cream and balsamic syrup.

*sigh* So, maybe a little splurging, but I never really went wild. Except for the fondue.

Dinner Monday was barbequed chicken brushed with lemon pepper sauce, with a big batch--maybe not big enough--of pseudo mashed potatoes made with cauliflower. Very tasty, though my body isn't quite convinced.

Dinner last night, breakfast and lunch today, chicken-veggie shish-kebabs (more lemon pepper), with diet-friendly coconut custard (it's basically an egg, skim milk, and artificial sweetener.) I've still got one of the custards left for a snack when I get home.

It's hard to get worked up about cooking when I've taken sugars and carbos out of my culinary palette. Particularly since I love baking and making desserts.

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