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So, there's this house.

A year, maybe two ago, a group of people--I'll assume a family--moved into it, and the neighborhood quality started dropping.

We're not on a great street anyhow--Upper Crackden is only about two blocks away--but our street is "okay, considering." I feel racist and un-PC to say this, but we really didn't have car breakins until that family moved in. Maybe it's unrelated, but I'd lived for two years there without having my glove compartment dumped on to my floorboard.

They had an endless, ongoing front-porch party on their blasted and barren front lawn. Nothing really wrong with sitting on your front porch, but...every day? A bit odd. But I lived all my life in a rich white Republican neighborhood. Other people's lives are different. And the whole coming up to talk to most slow-moving vehicles isn't necessarily related to the drug trade. And only one person living there was a registered sex offender, there were six or seven other people there.

The house is for sale. It's not *quite* trashed. The lawn has been utterly destroyed, both ignored and trampled. The back yard is 70% grass, 30% trash, and the fence is falling down. There are closets full of clothes still in the house, and some holes in some walls, and the doors are kind of banged up, but that's cosmetic.

But it's huge. It's 1490 square feet, with a somewhat-converted garage that brings the number up to 1920 square feet. And it's inexpensive. And my father has flipped a house in the past, and is offering to help me upgrade this beast if I buy it.


I can almost believe that the overall neighborhood values would increase if that property was taken over by responsible owners that want to improve things. The overall value of our neighborhood is increasing, except my street, which is kind of slowly decreasing.

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