Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review--

Very full weekend! Whew!

Friday evening, my father came over to look at the house that I was talking about buying. He thinks I should definately pursue it--if I can get it for $100,000 or so. So that was an interesting discussion. I'm going to try for it--if I can get it, assuming the foundation's not shot, we should be able to turn a profit--if we decide we want to leave, it may not be possible to move much closer to Austin in three years...

Saturday...whew, crowded day! I had some errands to run that morning, Whines and I ran down South to do some work for my mother and pick up Monster Manual V. A little light shopping, I didn't purchase anything, then home for a few hours of cleaning, and a big--like 20 persons--furry gathering, board games and such. It was nice to see Butterfly again, she came to visit, and kept winning games...curses...Made a banana chocolate fondue, which was interesting enough, but it was so strongly semi-sweet that it wasn't much of a dessert, and there was no banana flavor in it to speak of. Erf.

Sunday--some errands at church, a little cleaning at home, then off to our D&D game to beat up on mind flayers! I think it would have been a little more horrific except the flayers lost their tactical advantage when everybody--mind flayers and PCs--got scattered magickally across the dungeon, and the PCs that were the most vulnerable got yanked away from any immediate danger.

Tonight, boiling-oil fondue, indian-style lamb with spiced yoghurt sauce and cucumber sauce :)

On the other paw, I managed to ruin the lamb already :( Dammit, now I have to get new lamb. Bad chef, no ungulate.

On a major high note, ipequey bought me a Speak & Math! The "Speak and Spell" toys are great finds for anyone interested in circuit bending--it's an easily-tampered-with speech synthesizer, in a convenient carrying case. It's even got the manual and box! I'm sure it'll be a piece of inert plastic when I get finished with it, I'm such crap at this electronics stuff, but it's a fun hobby. I've decided to back-burner that hobby until after Christmas, though, because it's not free (parts tend to run $30 or so per project), and I really need to keep saving money for a house! I'm not even buying game books right now, unless I can get them for store credit from my mom. So now I've got three casio keyboards, a small pile of weird 80's plastic toys, and now a speak & math calling to, not literally...

Thank you SO much, Ip!!

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