Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Stepping *back* from the abyss...

Well, Mr. Real Estate Agent hung up on me, and then wouldn't answer his phone all the next day. Weird. Then my father told me he changed his mind and that house would be a *really* bad idea for someone as short-staffed as I was likely to be.

So, scratch that house.

I'm gettin an appointment to look at a house in East Austin next, an area that's slum-becoming-trendy. This four-bedroom house, 2100 square feet, two stories, walk-in closets, for $165K. There's got to be a catch. There's some tenents renting it right now, so I'd get to be a slumlord through March or so...interesting...
Edit--I'm starting to get pretty excited about this property. It's within walking distance of a few parks and a major thrift store, and a short drive to one more major thrift shop, a big Half Price Books, my favorite video store, and it's only going to add about 5 minutes to my morning commute. Pretty sweet. Maybe this'll work out :) It's going to be a leetle bit more expensive than our current house, because we'll have to slap property tax on top of everything else, but apart from that, should be about the same...possibly the tiniest bit cheaper, electrically speaking, if it's more compact than Chukar and has better insulation. We'll see.
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