Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

General update--

Someone *tried* to post the first hewge string of pr0n to thrifthorror. But I've still got the community set to moderated status, so it just got sent to my mailbox, instead.

It's all *straight* pr0n, too, just large-breasted girls looking submissive. Feh. If you're going to shock the community, you could at least make the effort to amuse the moderator.

Thrift horror's died down to a low roar, maybe three submissions per day. For which I am thankful. It'll be a while before I take it off moderated status.

Took a brief drive-by of the house I'm interested in, and then got to walk through a co-worker's house that's probably 90% the same (maybe a little smaller...) It's amazing, a huge ground floor with four "rooms" loosely seperated, and a walk-through kitchen--basically, you can walk in a big circle around the ground floor. The master bedroom was monster big huge, and the other bedrooms were pretty darn big, No pantry, but the two houses were built 35 years ago, and this one might have gone in a different direction than its sister.

Both my parents seem willing to help with this--Dad's still offering to help with the remodel, mom's willing to loan me a few $Ks for downpayment stuff. So...we'll see. It could easily happen.

Had a nice time gaming Sunday night, after spending seven hours at church. We were in some sort of dungeon that seemed to be made up of temples to dead gods. I think. It could be something much weirder, a god/dess graveyard, I don't know. I got to use a bunch of obscure spells and special abilities--Incorporeal Nova is an amazing spell if you're in a position to use it--Caster Level X 1d4 HIT DICE of damage, but it only affects incorporeal, gaseous form, and ethereal creatures, under 9 hit dice. So...not generally worth memorizing. Unless you wander into a nest of phase spiders. Yay! Roasted spider!

Looking at another mindlessly dull week at work, and the whole real estate thing is just going to make me edgy and restless. Argh.

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