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Den hunting, day 4:

Whines and I got to tour what may be our future home a few minutes ago. The outside was...kind of scary, like I said, but the inside? A pleasant surprise. There was some garbage "in storage" in the garage, and the entire place had a moderate, but not terrible, "there's lots of dogs here" smell. It's not well-maintained, but it's not in terrible shape.

We made an offer on it. If it goes through, we'll be paying less rent than we are at Chukar Circle...though we'll have to sink something on the order of $5000 a year on repairs and stuff for a few years. And eventually, the back of the house is "settling" a bit, which is going to be a big scary repair.

The bedrooms are spacious, and there are four of them. Each one of them is at least the size of our master bedroom at Chukar (our current house is a bit "cozy," shall we say), and the ground floor is one sprawling wrap-around living area with a mid-sized kitchen--smaller than I'd like, but on a par with what we've got, since it's got more cabinet space. Crappy stove, though, but that's a temporary thing.

Potential drama, though--eventually, I'm going to have to evict a single mom with multiple kids :( Then I'll call in the pagans to help me exorcise the place.

*crosses fingers*
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