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Den hunt, day 10

*sigh* Well, I don't think the house we were looking at is going to happen. Pity, it had the potential to be a really sweet house for us...but the amount of stuff that's wrong is's setting, there's no way to *fix* the settling, only arrest it, and the settling foundation's crushed the drainage pipes, creating an unpleasant sewery smell. The electrical system's not in good shape, the AC/heater's shot, the hot water heater and kitchen appliances are on their last legs, the roof's teh crap, and the kitchen's got a leak from the upstairs restroom (which doesn't work).

All in all...even if we *could* afford all the repairs, the list is too long to make the house a good deal for us. I'm not saying "no," but I'm letting go of it mentally, unless they make us an amazing offer on house repair fundage.

And I'm out $650 for fees and inspections. Poopie.
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