Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review:

I don't even remember Friday. Wow, it's the day that didn't happen. I think Whines and I were really tired, so we just collapsed, played on the internets for a while, and crashed. Finished off the paperwork to back out of the house we were looking at--the real estate agent really wants to get her hands on the inspection that broke the deal, so she may be willing to buy it from us. That'd be nice.

Saturday--nice day! Got a lot of work done on some church projects I'd been working on (I'm organizing a big event next Sunday). Some thrift-store bopping around, but largely an unstructured day without an agenda. Visited with KT and Sdocat for a while, that was fun, but I kept nodding off.

Sunday--a sad little day. Mom and sister put our dog to sleep, and were sad and mopey over that, reasonably so. Had a lot to do at church that I couldn't leave hanging, so got to their house at 1:00, had lunch, sat around and talked for a while, then headed home for more downtime.

Monday--late start, we were out and puttering at 1:00. Had a small labor-day dinner with a handful of friends--grilled some lamb, which turned out well, if a little salty. Nice to have a quiet evening to chat.

This was one of the most restful weekends I've had in ages...why was it so hard to wake up this morning? Argh! Weird dreams, tossing and turning, then forgetting my lunch...Ah, mondays double in intensity when they happen on Tuesdays!

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