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Den hunt, day 86 -

Whines and I are chasing another house. This one is *not* a fixer-upper, but a nice house that was priced substantially lower than the ones in its neighborhood.

It's tiled! Yes! Every part of it has a solid floor that you can actually wipe spills and dog by-products off of!
The kitchen is large, with a big bar that extends more or less the length of the main living room.
It's big--2500 square feet.
It's newish (1990), with recently updated appliances and a lot of energy-efficient mods. The owner says that running the AC at 75, his utilities don't click over $150. Wow.

It's kind of far out. It's about five miles out of Austin Proper. So it's an extra 10 minutes to downtown, but probably not a significant amount of extra time to South Austin or Round Rock, since it's along a major highway that wraps around the town.
The non-master bedrooms are a little bit dinky.
There's some quirky architecture that makes some space less usable than it could be, and setting up an entertainment room is going to be a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.
There's not a lot of internal storage. Irritating, but not a deal-breaker. Maybe I'm overlooking some.

The master bedroom/bathroom are huge. This is space that could have been put elsewhere, but it's luxurious, and a little bit of decadence is good for the soul now and again.
It's really a grandparent's house. It clashes with my and Josef's general approaches to decoration, which means we'll have to slowly replace all the furniture in the house, if we want it to look nice. This is utterly non-essential, but if we're going to be staying there for 5+ years, it'd be a good thing.

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