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Ooof, I've eaten SOO much sugar today, I'm feeling a little bit caramalized :) The pagan group at church had a Mabon ritual with a potluck. I brought a pomegranate flan, which was new, and a caramal-apple cream cake. The latter is one of my standard recipes, a dark cake with apple schnapps, chunks of apple, and a creamy frosting made of whipping cream, caramalized sugar, and marscapone (rich, lightly tart cream cheese), and I'm kind of tweaking it to get it just perfect. The cake always ends up a little burned and a little heavy.

The flan was quite tasty, but it took FOREVER to cook! The batter was kind of like the color of a mind flayer's butt--very pale mauve. I popped it into the oven at 5:00, hoping I could take it out at 6:20 to run to visit some friends, but it was still wiggly and un-set at 6:50. Argh!

I took it out and tried to flip it out of its pan, it kind of shattered in a custardy way, so it really wasn't very pretty. Unfortunate...I guess I used a big pan with too much drop-distance. Bleah. But it tasted okay, custardly with an unusual tart note, and a BIG flan hardly ever looks good...except to the rare flan afficionado.

It really is a terribly mucoidal dessert.

Since it's dark in the computer room and I can't see what I'm eating, I'm going to now finish off the custard. Flantastic! :)

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