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So, last night, themightyemu and I went down to Richard Garriott's estate. Richard and I, you know, we go way back.

Okay, patently untrue. But athene1765was in a production of "A Comedy of Errors," and Mr. Garriott just HAPPENS to have a slightly scaled-down version of the Globe Theater in his backyard, and lets the local SCA members use his property on a fairly regular basis.

So...let's just say, you had a swimmming pool in your back yard. You worked pretty hard to maintain it, cleaning it up every week, keeping the chemical balance, and so on. You'd probably look for opportunities to have people come over to swim. You'd probably have the occasional pool party, if you had family, they'd come over occasionally, maybe barbeque would be involved.

What mental processes are involved in the decision to put a scaled-down version of the Globe Theater in your backyard? It cannot POSSIBLY be very difficult to get him to let you produce a shakespeare play there.

Frankly, I am in awe of this. We rented a house with two bars mostly because it was perfect for live-action role-playing (Two bars, three living areas--SO many options for moody scenes!) We even used the upstairs closet for a costuming room.

This feels like that mentality, writ over 50 acres.

Anyway, a nice play! Athene1765 and I were a couple for a good two years, friends for much longer--granted, she was *acting*, and her character was in a position of nerve-wracking stress (the plot involves two sets of twins, more or less seperated at birth, and a day-long period of confusion where they try to have simple business and social interactions without realizing that everyone's switching identities, and Athene played "wife's sister," continually dealing with the husband's growing perversity, obviously demonically tormenting his wife. was really fun seeing someone using their usual set of mannerisms (Athene's really made for theater, she's got a lot of flourish and presentation in just her day-to-day action) to be someone else. There was a lot of "I KNOW that 'Go away, madman!' gesture! And that's 'Adore Me #2 (false praise is also appreciated but at half rate)'! Ooh, and that's 'Hold On, You're Talking Rubbish (double index finger version)'. I forget, did she get that one from me, or did I get that one from her?"

Thanks for the invite, Sam :)

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