Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Moving date--

Looking at the calendar, and the way my vacation days are plotted out, I think that the best day for moving Casa de Chukar will be the weekend of November 3-4, probably Saturday, November 3. Failing that, the weekend of the 10th-11th, but I'd rather do it the week earlier to give myself more time to clean up the old house, and let...certain people who may also be moving...take advantage of the ample supply of boxes.

I can't say this for certain, but we would have had the house for two weeks at that point, hopefully enough time to do the painting we need, and ideally we can have moved a lot of the little weird stuff over via it'll be mostly furniture. Of course, volunteers will be amply rewarded with fooood. Probably not so much with the beer, though.

Whaddya think, Whines?
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