Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic



I don't recall having much in the way of neighbors. When I was renting at Deerfield, there was a psychotic next-door neighbor who got into a six-month fight with us over the placement of road cones to protect his dead father's parking space, and a sweet elderly couple about five houses down, but...we were renting that, not making an investment in the property. the new house, there's a number of very nice houses, all cramped up together. In short, a neighborhood.

I'd like to bake big plates of cookies for the neighbors and pass them out maybe the first week in December, but getting involved with the neighbors always raises the problem of The Closet. And this house is NOT in Austin proper, so odds of dealing with conservatives is higher.


Any long-term gay couples have any advice on this? I've been strongly encouraged to get to know my neighbors, but being gay feels like it necessitates the creation of a wall of some sort...of course, we're not exactly bar-crawling drag queens with a new boyfriend every week, we're more the stable householder sorts.
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