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More reasons to hate my (former) boss:

Me: "These are going out of print. We need to take them out of the catalog."
Him: "Why are they going out of print?"
Me: "I don't know. But they need to come out of the catalog"
Him: "I feel like you're pressuring me into a decision."
Me: "The decision was made two years ago. These need to come out of the catalog."
Him: "I can't make decisions like this, Jacob. You're not giving me any information to go on."
Me: "What decisions? Here, let me SHOW you how to take them out of the catalog."
Him: "Can you give me a sales report on these?"
Me: "Sure, I don't know why, they're not going to be in the next catalog."

Granted, this wasn't a discussion, more of a declaration, but I walked away from this after ten frustrating minutes, and they're still going to be in the catalog.

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