Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Das Move...

I'm not recalling if I said this or not, but we're pretty confident that we're moving on Saturday, November 3. I'm taking the first and second off, and we're going to have about two weeks to shuttle things back and forth by car, so...hopefully, all that will be left is the big stuff. Mind, there's a lot of big stuff. Dad owns a pick-up truck...we may be able to smuggle some of the weird things over the week before.

Countdown to home ownership: four days!

Spent most of the weekend getting our current house ready for lease again...or napping, sadly. Not sure why, I'm not normally a nap person.

Hadn't mown the back lawn in about two years. I THINK Path might have mowed it when he was living with us, though. At some point over the last two, a number of tiny trees, about as thick as a thumb, sprouted. They were covered with teeny little thorns. Now, they're all gone, and I'm still finding teeny little thorns--but the back lawn is mowed. Cleaned every surface in the kitchen, even sweeping and mopping.

Whines did the unimaginable, disassembling the windows of the house and cleaning up four years of accumulated bugs, leaves and debris. Eew.

Remaining to do: clean up bedroom and master bathroom. Remove anything that might cause moral offense from the wall and cabinets. Keep close tabs on what boxes my mother and sister are unpacking. This is important. Some discussions I could avoid forever.

Packed the food processor. I think I can limp along a few weeks without it. Did not pack blender or popcorn maker. There are some important things in life.

Observed that we have five bottles of Kahluah in the house, two bottles of rum, several different fruit liquors, quite a well-stocked bar in fact. Nobody in the house drinks. Where did these things come from? Well...I know where the Kahluah and Bailey's came from. There are, again, some important things in life. I'm not sure about the vodka, though.
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