Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

"For his data-mining is mighty, and red shall become black before him!"

Why do all ancient prophecies concern the falling of a mighty wizard, the destruction of an empire, the birth of a once and future king? Are there any ancient, crumbling tomes or crystal balls that fortell the birth of a pretty good tax accountant or marketing project manager?

Well, why not?

I'd like to know that somewhere there was a sybil that threw her head back in an ecstatic trance, and fortold "Lo, in the dying years of the second millenium hence, there shall be born a child who will grow into a man wise in the ways of Excel, and he shall make the occasional clever remark or cake, and donate many dinarii to an 'Adopt a hyena' fund."

Everyone should have a prophetic omen of their birth.
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