Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Mmm...magnetic wall...

So, there's this really stupid arch in our main living room at the new den. It's...oh, maybe six feet wide, maybe eight feet tall. It's a silly thing, a pair of faux columns embedded in the walls, with a sort of greek-style symbolic "roof" closing the space off.

One of my little obsessions is magnetic poetry--I used to have about 32 feet of sheet metal on the wall with various words adhering to them. Fun, fun.

So...what to do with that arch--Whines reminded me (I think I told him about this originally, but my mind blanked on it) that there are several companies that make magnetic paint--paint with metallic particles in it.

Could be fun...that paint's awfully expensive, something like $80/gallon, and it'd take a few coats to get the magnetic effect really strong...but...v-e-r-y tempting as an idea :)
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