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Thought for the day:

The last American vestiges of the seasonal Morris Dance, a folk dance that ushers in the spring and kick-starts the wheel of the year in Britain, is the tradition of adjusting the clocks forward in the spring and back in the fall. In the early 1800s during the post-Revolutionary War period when Britain was back in style in America, the tradition crossed across the atlantic, but changed, as such things do, so that instead of a troupe of dancers winding their way from village to village, a small group of Bostonian clocksmiths would journey from township to township, repairing the main tower clocks in each town, and like the dancers, swinging the great hands forward, and back.

This tradition has been maintained unchanged for over 200 years, until W. Bush shifted the dates further from the vernal and autumnal equinox than ever before, distancing the annual tradition from its seasonal roots. This is because he wants it to be always winter, and never Christmas.

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