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Happy boo-lated Halloween!

[originally posted to Thrifthorror]

Just in time for the weekend after Halloween, perhaps appropriate for your post-Samhain cleanup, or maybe only somewhat late for your "Dia de los Muertos" celebrations, here's a small collection of tragedies from the shelves of Goodwill...


The perfect gift for the cop in your life you want to gently discourage. "Every time you see this, babe, I want you to know that I respect your career and your decisions, and I'm sure the insurance covers amputations."

The weird lumps in the background and the officer's pose give the image a jaunty "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ceramics Studio" look. Maybe he's in a dark alley trying to figure out what the heck that orange goo is. You really don't want to get that stuff on you.


Aaaigh! Headless Easter bunny angel! For the love of Pete, kill it! Again!

In the movie adaptation of this childhood classic, Mopsey the Garden Bunny hippety hopped to her flower bed to see if the first Easter Iris had bloomed. She'd only just started sprinkling the flowers with water and peppermint tea when a high-velocity strip of concertina wire tore through the Pettyfore Woods at shoulder height, and her long-eared, rosy-cheeked head only spun twice before landing in the zinnias, enriching them with easter bunny vital fluids.

Gods, I love that film.


"Paddington Bear Craps Himself."

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