Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Demonstrates poor impulse control...

Found a very nice little treasure at the Salvation Army over the weekend. And got a couple other things besides. I'm looking for a couple of articles of furniture at the Sally--in particular, a larger bed, a china cabinet or a buffet (preferably a buffet, since they're more functional), maybe a pair of nice loveseats if they turn up. My father "gave" me a nice dark oak table that seats six, made sometime in the 1920s--I'd been hoping for one that seats eight, but I'm not arguing with free *and* high-quality.

What I ended up purchasing over the weekend was a nice antique table to go in the weird little dining nook area in the kitchen, a few barstools for the living room, and a lovely old radio cabinet. It's the size of one of the standard console TV's, very 1940's-looking, with two metal speaker grills on the left and right, made of nice dark wood (dark-stained oak, I think, but I'm not much of a judge), already gutted and converted for 20th century components. There are a few minor chips in the finish, but nothing that really draws the eye, and one of those touch-up stains will probably take care of them.

*sigh* None of these were on my "must-have" list. Luckily I'm getting about $600 back from the old house in the form of rent for November, in addition to whatever I get back from my deposit, so I'm not actually shooting myself in the foot. I do need to pick up a double-handful of dining room chairs before the end of November--that might be a good Ikea purchase, tho. Or Target, my needs are very modest on this.

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