Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Local/semi-local furs--again--

Hey, all! We're aiming to have our first housewarming party on Saturday, December 1. This is going to be an open-invitation Furry party, so we can expect some out of town.

Please bring food! We'll have a potluck dinner (think holiday food!) so bring enough of some sort of dish for yourself and, say, at least three others. We've got a fairly well-equipped kitchen if you want to do some food prep before the actual event.

Also...we're kinda short on seating, so if you were able to bring a few folding chairs, that would be appreciated! Let me know if you've got any chairs to bring, otherwise we'll have to go scrounging.

Entertainment for the evening will be board/card games (bring your favorites), Lion King: The Singalong, and our latest acquisition, The Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special :)

Some crash space available for out-of-towners. We've got one couch, but all the rock-hard, cold floor anyone could want. If you might want to crash at our place, you might want to bring a blanket or sleeping bag or similar, or make really friendly with one of the house residents :)
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