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Trying to understand my relatives--

For those of you who don't know me well, I'm a semi-agnostic, semi-pagan liberal, usually democrat, usually flat broke. My mother's family is rich republican Catholics, leaving me feeling severely out of place at family gatherings. Those are just the big differences. There are probably some points in common that don't involve genetics, but I can't think of any.

They probably like lions, too.

Anyway, my grandfather has been assuming my ponytail and north Austin zip code aside, that I was a conservative, pro-NRA, deeply religious Republican. He regularly would send me various anti-democrat, pro-family-values-whatever-that-means, forwards, even 'CC'ing me on a letter to the University of Texas Board of Regents asking them to boot out one of my favorite professors because of some (extremely) ill-judged post-9/11 remarks. I don't know why he CC'd me on that.

Anyway, there's a reason for this bit of preamble, it has a punchline. Yesterday, he sent me a really nasty piece of Republican propaganda, bitter and nasty toward democrats. It was pretty hateful. So I sent him a letter saying most of what I said in paragraph one of this post, and asking him to please don't send me any more forwards, because they hurt, and I don't need pain coming from my family and loved ones. Read it a few times again to make sure it wasn't over the top, and sent it on. I don't regret this.

His response is...well...I have trouble with this, though it's funny (GD=Granddad, J is of course me):

Dear J

Damn I thought you were a Republican. Sorry you are not. Will not bother you again.



I have grammatical issues with this.
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