Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Starting to be "organized"...

Well, I guess it's been two weeks since we moved into our new house? A little over, but we weren't able to really start settling down until midweek.

I spent most of the evening unpacking boxes of decorations. It was kind of rewarding - a lot of them were like old friends. [edit: the ornaments were like old friends, not the boxes, but I suppose either works...] Even so, a few old friends got chucked into the Goodwill box, but life goes on.

Hung most of the pictures up over the weekend, so now there's a few clusters of art here and there. Whines has tweaked the--what, entertainment room? Den? so that it looks like a livable place, right now I think we've actually lost some space, but we've got some ideas for down the road to fix that.

The front of the house has become completely chaotic, as I've been putting boxes there for the last week, but that's a temporary problem. The kitchen's still clean--granted, I've only cooked twice in it, but maybe I can stay in some good habits.

We have more books than I ever imagined. Whines brought a few more crates of books from his old house, and now we can't fit everything on the shelves :( It's kind of scary! I'm starting to pick through that area, but it's slow going, since the boxes of books are blocking access to the bookshelves. However, all of that's in the garage, so it doesn't interfere with the space of the house itself.

Somehow, I got roped into hauling off all the old leaves and twigs and crap from the lawn of my old house. So, I ended up setting up a compost area. Whines thought that the 8X8 square I roped off was a little excessive...but it's going to be a foot deep soon, and I've only brought over half the bags from the old house :( We must have been terrible at lawn maintainence.

Anyway, more and more it's looking like a house!
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