Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Meh...ambivilent weekend...

Got a late start Saturday...we didn't make it out of the house until noonish, then went out for lunch (Gyros...I botched our order and we had chicken gyros, which are tasty enough, but gyros really should be about the lamb...)

Did find four nice, matched chairs on Friday, and five little pillows for our kitchen nook, so lots of new seating...but, not enough seating.

Went out with a new local furry, 'Coon, to some thrift stores, but found NOTHING at them. Nothing to buy (which is a good thing), nothing to photograph for Thrift Horrors (which is a sad thing). But I had such a great week for Thrift Horror that I can't really complain, except I'm kind of into complaining as a concept.

Came home, watched some movies, went to sleep.

Got a late start Sunday, had church stuff to do until 1:00. Had lunch, puttered around until 5:00, came home, moved some furniture, watched movies, went to sleep.

This is the Weekend That might As Well Not Have Happened. But, I'm feeling rested and alert, and I've got several new chairs.
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