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Spotty Logic

Obligatory Thanksgiving post...

It's 8:00 in the morning, and everything still smells like smoke!

Looong Thanksgiving. Went to bed a little late (like 12:30), and got up at 7:00 because my internal clock hates the idea of me sleeping in. Made marinade for turkey-grilling.

Mom and sister wanted to go to Dim Sum for lunch, since they're open on major occidental holidays...well, you really don't have to point a gun at our favorite stuffed animals to get me and Whines to show at Dim Sum. Tasty breakfast, then came home to make pseudotaters (steamed cauliflower prepared mashed potato style) and rhubarb pie, with Whines's mom's recipe.

Screwed up the crust a bit...I'm never good at pie crusts, just not enough practice. I thought it was a two-crust pie, but there was only enough dough in mom's recipe for a single-crust, so I ended up rolling it, measuring it, and then putting the two lumps of dough together and rolling it again. The crust flavor was nice, but the texture was a little...ah...flinty. I was trying to get a bite from the *bottom* of the pie, where the crust should be all soggy and cobblerific, and the crust snapped with a sharp crack and launched itself four inches from my plate. *looks embarrassed.* Someone said we were playing "tiddlypie." *snicker* But...the flavor was very good, kind of like a cherry cobbler almost...that slightly wine-y deep fruit flavor. It helped that someone brought some "Cool-Whip" over, one of those chemical-tasting foods I lurve, even if it's a guilty lurve.

Mom asked me to grill a turkey. Now, the guidelines I use for grilling a turkey work well for a small bird, 12-14 pounds. Each of the three times I've done this for mom, she's gotten a slightly heavier turkey, so now we're up to 18 pounds! Normally grilling takes...maybe two hours, it's the fastest way to prepare a turkey...but with a bird that size, it just doesn't work! Started at 3:30, finally took the bird out at 9:00. It was more than a little bit dry, since it sat at 130-140 for a good 1.5 hours. Yeesh! Nice flavor, though. But I was very heavily smoked by the end of it.

Sister found a recipe for sweet potatoes that was very neat--got it off that cooking show with all the butter. You take yam goo, mix it up with brown sugar, and wrap it around a large marshmallow. Then, roll it in coconut and cinnamon. By the end of the baking process, the marshmallow's...just...gone. It merges with the tater for a rich, sweet lump of yamliciousness.

Mom's new dog:
Hildegaard, did NOT get along with our little mutts. Much snarling, posturing, and some actual scary biting took place, so Whines shipped ours home. Sad, sad, one wants the dogs to get along and play so they can get out and experience the world more. But Hildy's a pushy, very large, beast.

A lot to be thankful for this year...the house, a supportive family, a partner that puts up with my various obsessions and plays along with most of them (is that a good thing?), friends, and yams.

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