Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Hot little shrimplets--

Got a little wacky last night and made spicy alfredo topped with grilled chipotle-glazed shrimp. Turned out okay...not phenomenal, but worth repeating. Problems I had with it-firstly, I was using petite shrimp, so I had to use my "grill wok," a metal bowl with lots of holes in it. Unfortunately it wicks a lot of the heat away, so you get a smokey flavor, but it's hard to sear the food properly. Don't know what to do about that.

Secondly, I was using a "light alfredo" recipe, a bold step forward in oxymorons. Essentially, it substitutes yoghurt for whipped cream or half-and-half, no butter to speak of, and uses sauteed mushrooms to replace some of the lost moisture. Problem is, since there's no oil to hold everything together, you can't let the cheese melt, or it turns into curds. That, combined with my accidentally using non-fat yoghurt instead of the regular kind, made the sauce...not so saucy. And the sauce had a startling lack of garlic in it. Well...only one clove.

But, good flavor, the shrimp were pretty tasty, and I can see my way forward. First, puree some garlic and cook it into the yoghurt. Alfredo without garlic is a tragic thing.

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