Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Re: It's Kaitlyn

Re: It's Kaitlyn
It`s kaitlyn again. Will you ever contact me?
I made those nude pictures especially for you and I wont write to you again!
If you wanna see them just drop me a line at: bkaitlynXX@glowplugfuel.XXX
From: Spotty Logic
Re: Counting the seconds until I look upon the sublime splendour of your form
Dearest Kaitlyn--

A thousand times, yes. Send me your images, your jpgs and photos. I shall open each one as if it were Christmas, and I a pauper with a single gift to my name. This is the tenderness, the hesitancy, and the ravenous hunger that I hold for you.

Please, feed me, sustain me. Here is the line, one end I give to you as a lady gives her lord her favor. The other end, I tie to my heartstrings, so that your pull will quicken them.

For as many days as pain and longing are wed,


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