Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Silly new card game--

Because I can't resist blowing $25 on a deck of cards, I picked up a fun-looking card game from Dragon's Lair yesterday. It looks cute, if maybe a bit too simplistic. It also uses the "vote on your favorite" mechanic, which bothers me, but it's fast-moving and whimsical.

"Mad Scientist University," I think, is the name. You get two sets of cards--unattainable goals and unstable elements. The goals cards are things like "rule the world," "control the election," that sort of thing. The "unstable elements" cards are things like "squirrels," "uranium," "gila monsters," "six-year-olds."

The plot of the game--one person starts out as the TA (the one with the best manaical laugh). He hands out the assignments, and then the "class" (the rest of the players) have 15 seconds to come up with an insane plan, using the unstable elements, to achieve their goals. They explain it (with gestures and rants) to the TA, bribes and threats both accepted. Favoritism is allowed and encouraged.

First person to get three "passes" from the TA (a position which rotates) wins the game.

Looks fast-moving, fun, and pure role-play--and probably a good party game. Looking forward to playing it!

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