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I'm very grumpy right this millisecond. On Thrift Horror, I posted a silly little contest to find the "most disturbing Santa," with a silly little trophy as a prize, and people are getting pushy and rude and competitive about it. *sigh* People pick the stupidest things to get strident about.

Christmas eve, and we've got all the presents wrapped. Kitchen's a little messy, but it's only a half-hour to clean it at this point.

Was working at my mom's church for a few hours, helping sell books. I'm going to be un-PC, but I'm feeling pissy right now. I've been at mom's church on and off for years, and there's a really annoying retarded kid. He used to steal cookies (the ones I'd bake and sell, splitting the money with mom and earning a pathetic $40 or so a week, most of which went back into ingredients) and hang around and mooch things, and generally waste my time. Irritating, but...these things are a part of the world, no avoiding them.

Anyway, I'm working the bookstore tonight, and my high school creative writing teacher comes in! I see her once in a great while, every two years or so, but it is a treat. And cosimultaneously, so does the retarded kid. I say a few words to her, but she says, essentially, "I'll let you get to your customer," and runs off :(


Grump, grump. All unimportant things that are transitory, and pale in comparison to the orgy of present-opening and cooking ere the morrow.
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