Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Christmas in review -

Back at work, and there's tumbleweeds drifting down the corridors, it's incredibly empty. There's three people in our department of about 20. Yay, desolation!

Not much in the way of rest and relaxation, but it was a rewarding holiday. The church Pagan group's solstice was nice--Whines and I had a communication gaffe and I ended up going solo, but other than that, it was a good event, very smooth and well-attended.

I'd spent Friday afternoon making a hundred creampuffs, and after a brief shopping trip or three, we came home yesterday, and I violated them with a cone filled with vanilla-rum custard, and then ran to church to glue them into a big cone, shellacking them vigorously with caramel and candy pearls. The chroquembouche turned out prit'near perfectly, maybe a little too much caramel, but I have nothing to compare to. One of the people at the church was from the Austin Culinary Institute, and she said that my croque' was very pretty :) Yay!

Half of it came home. Not yay. Like we need more sugar!

Sunday - Shopping most of the morning, then lunch, then realized I'd forgotten that we had guests coming Tuesday evening, so, more shopping. Then, we went to see the 37th street Trail of Lights with Fizzit and Itza, which was nice--almost as good as two years ago, better than last year by far.

Monday - I don't even remember Monday right now! I had to help Patricia out at her bookstore at 3:00, then we came home and wrapped presents until bedtime.

Christmas - Ran down to mom's house for Christmas morning, where many presents were unwrapped. Whines gave me a satellite navigation system thingie and an amazing kitchen appliance, a "Kebab-It" that made eight shishkebabs, spinning them vertically around a heating element in a pyrex case. Very neat! We turned it on when we got home at 3:30, as a part of the pre-Christmas-dinner eating. Turtle and her mom came in at 4:00-ish, my family at 5:30, Tenar and Maus stopping by for a short visit in the 5:30 range, too. The first Christmas dinner at our new house--I made turkey and duck with orange sauce, Turtle & Mom brought stuffing, gravy, home-made rolls and a delicious rum cake (recipe?), and my family brought green beans and fruit salad.

Very nice, very busy holiday...

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