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Was it worth it? I do not know...

A bit belated, but I just now got around to finishing off the photos, I had pretty near 150 photos on my camera, most of them repeated shots of things from thrift stores, but anyway...I actually finished the croquembouche I was planning to make for the pagan potluck on the Solstice.

It began with a great many cream-puffs:


The dough was more egg than flour, almost a liquid, and you piped it in with a pastry bag. The final product baked and fluffed into a little hollow orb, which was kind of neat in and of itself--egg held together in a delicate flour matrix, it tasted more like omelette than biscuit. After they were all done and stuffed with custard, I started the assembly:


Dunked each one into caramel at the hard crack stage, and then arranged them into a hollow cone, spackling them together with more caramel. The final product had so much caramel (and by caramel, I mean "burned solid sugar," not chewy-sweet candy) that it was kind of hard to eat, if you have a low sugar tolerance.


I'm thinking it would have been delicious if I could have stuck them together with toffee instead of burned sugar, but that might have been too much of a good thing!


Eventually, I finished the cone--it worked out very well, I didn't have any left over, and I didn't feel like I rushed the project or short-puffed myself. Once the cone was finished, I decorated it with angel hair--fine strands of caramel.


I had some candy pearls and gold beads, which added an exciting element of tooth-risk to the project, but it was hard to get them to stick. Next that unlikely event...I'll make a little bit of caramel icing and use that to stick decorations on, rather than drizzle MORE caramel over the puffs.


Here's the final dessert! It turned out very pretty. When I'd assembled everything I realized that the base it was standing on looked terrible, particularly since this is a desert that's more about presentation than flavor. A lot of regret that I didn't use some gold foil, or some big stupid ribbons or time, I guess. The only chance there'll be a next time is if someone asks me to make their wedding cake, though.

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